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Welcome to

A Fresh Look at the Clothing World Minus the Snobbish Elitism

This is the forum to be on the subject of clothes and the clothing industry for the everyman (and woman). While there may indeed be discussion involving Versace or Prada, or even accessories like Gucci handbags, the main focus of is to exchange ideas about all aspects of the clothing world. It is the site for guys who wear nothing but blue jeans. It is for the woman who enjoys wearing a spaghetti strap sundress on
a beautiful day. But it is also for the man who likes to wear Pierre Cardin or Armani. And it is also for the woman who won't go anywhere unless she is draped in Donna Karen or Valentino. It is even suitable for the couch potato in his sweat pants and his Chicago Blackhawks sweater. Everybody who wears garments on their body will find something of interest on

From high-end shoes to Nikes to rawhide moccasins. From t-shirts to dress-casual to formal business attire. We may chat about jewelry, hats, accessories, or outerwear. Anything a person might adorn themselves with is fair game.

We at feel there are actually too many websites out there geared only toward the highest-end fashion. They won't discuss any clothing that wasn't debuted in Paris or Madrid. And while we still may address a red carpet event, celebrity fashion, or the likes of Dolce&Gabbana and Ralph Lauren because they are the dominant clothing topic of the moment, any clothing niche you can think of is relevant here.

We may discuss the cyclical nature of some fashions. We may cover new lines coming on the market whether they are from the top designers or the Kate Jackson collection. We might examine the most memorable clothes styles that have come around generation-by-generation. Or we may study what the kids are demanding to wear to school and socially these days.

Regardless of how you dress------hip hop, gothic, retro sports jerseys, '60s hippie garb------we at are here to keep you informed and entertained. Hell, we may even conduct a poll of the all-time hottest runway models!

So check in with regularly for the latest trends, historical commentary, and any mega-happenings in the clothing world. This is your new one-stop fashion boutique. And there's no pushy salespeople working on commissions to bother you.
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